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The Enabling Function is your own Human Resource Function without the cost and liability of having an internal HR function. Whether you are looking for a fully outsourced HR function, onsite HR support or support for a specific project, we offer HR support customized to your business requirements.

Recruitment services
Looking at building your team from the scratch or expanding your team? We can help you hire the best talent from the market within no time. We could also help you plan your talent strategy so that you can prepare a pipeline for future.
HR On-Call 
Facing any employee issue or a situation at your workplace that you need HR advice. Call us and seek HR expert advice to deal with your problem at hand!
Policies, Processes & Systems
Setting up your company and need help with documenting policies and procedures? Reach out to our team of HR experts who could help you set up shop within no time! 

HR Projects 
Automating any workflow or driving a culture change, focusing on employee engagement or any learning and development project, we can help you with the thought leadership to program management to execution of the project. 
HR Onsite Support
Need an HR Partner on your site to manage your employees or partner on a project? We could help you with a dedicated HR partner available as you need along with the support from entire team virtually.
Preparing for Growth 
Taking the next big leap and want to prepare your business for growth?Leverage our experience and expertise to help you prepare your organization for the growth.
Talent Management
Coaching & Leadership Development
Leveraging your talent within the organization is an art. How do you leverage the talent within your organization effectively to meet your future talent requirements or manage the career aspirations of your key talent to retain them within your organization? We can help build a customized and relevant talent management to drive your organization for success and align with future strategy! 

Coaching your leaders and your employees is going to be the way forward for developing your employees. No two employees are alike and customized developmental coaching will help you develop your employees more effectively. Contact us to organize personalized coaching sessions provided by our certified coaches. 

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